Executive Committee

Title, Name and Surname Assignment E-Mail
Cevdet AVCIKURT, Ph.D. Chair avcikurt@balikesir.edu.tr
Ahmet KÖROĞLU, Ph.D. Member akoroglu@balikesir.edu.tr
Ali Kemal GÜRBÜZ, Ph.D. Member agurbuz@balikesir.edu.tr
Ayhan GÖKDENİZ, Ph.D. Member aygokdeniz@yahoo.com
Barış ERDEM, Ph.D. Member bariserdem@balikesir.edu.tr
Düriye BOZOK, Ph.D. Member dbozok@ balikesir.edu.tr
Mehmet Oğuzhan İLBAN, Ph.D. Member ilban@balikesir.edu.tr
Murat DOĞDUBAY, Ph.D. Member dogdubay@balikesir.edu.tr
Önder MET, Ph.D. Member ondermet@balikesir.edu.tr
Özlem KÖROĞLU, Ph.D. Member okoroglu@balikesir.edu.tr
Yusuf AYMANKUY, Ph.D. Member aymankuy@balikesir.edu.tr
Bayram ŞAHİN, Ph.D. Member bsahin@balikesir.edu.tr
Göksel Kemal GİRGİN, Ph.D. Member girgin@balikesir.edu.tr
Gülay ÖZDEMİR YILMAZ, Ph.D. Member gulay@balikesir.edu.tr
Kudret GÜL, Ph.D. Member kgul@balikesir.edu.tr 
Mehmet SARIOĞLAN, Ph.D. Member mehmets@balikesir.edu.tr
Melike GÜL, Ph.D. Member melikegul@balikesir.edu.tr
Muammer BEZİRGAN, Ph.D. Member muammerbezirgan@hotmail.com
Nuran AKŞİT AŞIK, Ph.D. Member nuran@balikesir.edu.tr 
Nuray TETİK DİNÇ, Ph.D. Member ntetik@balikesir.edu.tr
Sabriye ÇELİK UĞUZ, Ph.D. Member sabriyecelik@balikesir.edu.tr
Sebahattin KARAMAN, Ph.D. Member skaraman@balikesir.edu.tr
Seda ŞAHİN, Ph.D. Member ssen@balikesir.edu.tr
Şimal AYMANKUY, Ph.D. Member sayman@balikesir.edu.tr
Ali SOLUNOĞLU, Ph.D. Member alisolunoglu@balikesir.edu.tr
Banu YILDIZ, Ph.D. Member banu.yildiz@balikesir.edu.tr
Gizem ÖZGÜREL, Ph.D. Member gizemozgurel@hotmail.com
Hakan BOZ, Ph.D. Member hakan.boz@usak.edu.tr
Özge GÜDÜ DEMİRBULAT, Ph.D. Member ozgegudu@hotmail.com 
Yakup DİNÇ, Ph.D. Member yakdin@yahoo.com
Yasemin TEKİN, Ph.D. Member yasemin.tekin@balikesir.edu.tr
Yunus ARSLAN, Ph.D. Member yarslan@balikesir.edu.tr 
Alaattin İRDEM, Ph.D. Member airdem@balikesir.edu.tr
Ceren ULUER SAVGIN, Ph.D. Member cerenuluer@gmail.com
Esat SAÇKES, Ph.D. Member esackes@balikesir.edu.tr
İlhan DEVECİ Member ilhanhocadogada@gmail.com
Kaya Nihat PEKBAY Member npekbay@balikesir.edu.tr
Levent AKSU Member leventaksu71@hotmail.com
Levent MÜNGER Member munger@balikesir.edu.tr
Meziyet NARİN Member mnarin@balikesir.edu.tr
Cemali BUZLUKÇU, Ph.D. Member cemalibuzlukcu@balikesir.edu.tr
Gülhan YALIN, Ph.D. Member gulhancevizkaya@hotmail.com
Nilgün KARAMAN, Ph.D. Member nilgunetiz@hotmail.com
Sami Sonat ÖZDEMİR, Ph.D. Member ssonatozdemir@balikesir.edu.tr
Selin İLSAY, Ph.D. Member selinilsay@gmail.com
Sultan Nazmiye KILIÇ, Ph.D. Member sultan.kilic@balikesir.edu.tr
Arzu BALIKOĞLU Member arzukilic@balikesir.edu.tr
Hasret ULUSOY Member hasretulusoy@balikesir.edu.tr
İbrahim MİSİR Member ibrahimmisir@balikesir.edu.tr
Mehmet Tahsin LİCELİ Member liceli@balikesir.edu.tr
Musa OFLAZ Member musaoflaz@balikesir.edu.tr
Talha Serdar SEZEN Member tssezen@gmail.com
Fatih ÇOLAKOĞLU Member fatih.colakoglu@outlook.com.tr
* Ordered alphabetically by title and name.
Title, Name and Surname E-Mail
Yasemin TEKİN, Ph.D. yasemin.tekin@balikesir.edu.tr
Gülhan YALIN, Ph.D. gulhancevizkaya@hotmail.com
Sultan Nazmiye KILIÇ, Ph.D. sultan.kilic@balikesir.edu.tr
İbrahim MİSİR ibrahimmisir@balikesir.edu.tr
Mehmet Tahsin LİCELİ liceli@balikesir.edu.tr
Talha Serdar SEZEN tssezen@gmail.com
Fatih ÇOLAKOĞLU fatih.colakoglu@outlook.com.tr
* Ordered alphabetically by title and name.